From Patrick's MBSR students:

"Patrick is terrific.  He displayed thoughtfulness and knowledge on the practices and is open and helpful.   I found great benefit in this course and recommend it to anyone who is interested in self awareness and developing healthier coping skills."

"This course provided a lifeline to me at a point when I was desperate for one.  Mindfulness has become a critical tool in my journey to wellness. "

"Patrick's delivery of concepts, paired with anecdotes was spot-on.  He made info that's very intangible very easy to grasp and integrate into daily life. "

"Patrick was a very fine instructor. He made me feel comfortable when sharing my experiences and opinions, and seemed to genuinely appreciate our feedback. It was evident that Patrick practices MBSR - he is a terrific role model."

"Patrick uses both sensitivity and humor to teach mindfulness techniques. Your are likely to find yourself quoting him..."

"Patrick was an excellent instructor. I went into the course quite anxious because I had physical limitations from chronic pain. He always noted to the class to use "self care" and had plenty of alternative positions I could use to meditate or do yoga. He made me feel very comfortable. I was lucky to have him as an instructor."

"Patrick was able to explain everything in an easy to understand way and was amazing at answering questions in a way that validated the questioner and where they were coming from.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn a lifelong practice that helps with stress reduction and staying present. "

"Taking this class with Patrick was an amazing gift to use for a lifetime. Thank you!"

"Patrick was an excellent instructor: gentle, knowledgeable, helpful & insightful. I appreciated how patiently he remained with topics raised by the group often finding new words or connections to make the topics accessible to every one of us. Thanks for a great experience."

"A very warm and caring person. I wish all my teachers had been more like him. "

"Very caring. Knowledgeable about the subject. Willing to help and give additional assistance in and outside of class. Highly recommended. "

"Patrick has an engaging manner of teaching. He is able to present tough concepts in an easily understood and non-judgmental way. He keeps the class interesting. "

"Patrick makes you feel relaxed from the first session. He demonstrates a calm demeanor and models mindfulness. He listens and responds to individual questions with clarity and compassion. "

"Sensitive pleasant engaging supportive flexible encouraging enthusiastic"

"Pat was very patient & helpful with all aspects of this course. He is very competent and has an excellent grasp of the subject matter & uses very expressive language in teaching the course, which I found very helpful."

"I feel that Patrick has the perfect blend of calmness, awareness, intelligence and believes in what he is teaching. I found him inspirational and very supportive to my individual needs and the needs for the entire group. He clearly has had an impact on changing some of my daily life and I am very grateful for this experience with him."

"Patrick has a very calm demeanor and this creates a peaceful environment in which to learn the practice of mindfulness meditation. He was extremely open and honest and easily accessible for support beyond the class time. "

"Patrick was excellent in all aspects. He is a professional, but was also sensitive to the classes questions and patiently addressed them all. Will be sending several family members and friends to his classes. Good job Patrick!"

From Patrick's MTFE students:

"Patrick was amazing. His calm, steady, happy demeanor spread throughout the class and the course and I feel like he has added a whole other set of tools in my personal toolbox to be more awake, aware and clear. I would do another course with Patrick at any time."

"Patrick was very informative and provided us with insight on how to be mindful in our lives. I feel a definite change in my attitude after taking this class. Enjoyed it immensely."

"Great Instructor!! Patient, informative + very helpful."

"Patrick's calm voice, gentle suggestion is perfect for a fearful beginner."

"I really got a great deal out of the class and feel that the approach of the instructor was mostly the reason."

"Very enthusiastic. Clearly values mindfulness practice. Responsive to all questions."

"Patrick was professional, engaging, and a willing listener."